Ikuyukai Association

Founded in 1958, the Senshu University Ikuyukai Association is organized by the parents and guardians of all full-time  undergraduate students. The group is involved in a range of activities to facilitate the development of the University and the growth of its students by supporting the University’s educational programs, as well as promoting friendship among members.

Principal activities

Chapter meetings

The Association’s most important activities are the chapter meetings which are held throughout Japan every summer. Faculty members attend these meetings to discuss what’s new at the University; explain the University’s educational programs, student life, and post-graduation job search prospects; and offer advice during individual interviews about topics such as course credits, international exchange opportunities, and certification examinations.

Job search meetings

Due to the high level of interest from parents, job search meetings are held as separate events from chapter meetings. These gatherings include talks by speakers from industry on trends in the job market; accounts of what it is like to look for a job by alumni and job applicants who have received informal job offers; and job search advice and information about support programs from University personnel who are responsible for job placement.

Ikuyukai Association Awards

The Ikuyukai Association Awards were created to support students at the University who display an energetic willingness to embrace challenges. The awards are open to all full-time students.

Ikuyu newsletter

The quarterly newsletter Ikuyu informs parents about recent goings-on at the University and student activities. Issues also feature information about chapter activities and contributions from parents (requests to the University, messages to children, poetry, etc.).

Support for students

The association helps students purchase books every year by donating an “Ikuyu Collection” to the library. Other support programs include providing partial funding for student-led events such as club and other group activities, together with support for Senshu University’s athletic programs.

Campus tours

In response to numerous requests from parents who are interested in seeing their children’s school, the association organizes tours of University facilities.

Ikuyukai Association scholarship program

The association offers a scholarship program to provide economic assistance to full-time undergraduate students who are having difficulty paying tuition but wish to continue their studies, who have experienced an unexpected change in their family finances, or who have experienced a natural disaster.